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MyOMaps is an App for Orienteering. It is useful to mappers, course planners, event organizers placing controls in the forest and of course Orienteers for training and competition.
- Load your map and courses from OCAD (or similar) onto your Android smartphone- Use the GPS in the smartphone to track your location on your map- Automatically start and stop the timer, beep at control sites and produce a GPX track and Orienteering Result file.
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MyOMaps builds on the MyTracks App – so it has all the smart features relating to recording your track. It also
Take the latest version of your map with you into the field and know where you are on the map. You can even use a tablet device to see a large screen view. Record tracks and mark features to assist with your mapping.
Course Planners
During your field visits, track your position in real time on your Orienteering Map. Be absolutely confident you are at the right location, and confirm the accuracy of the map.
Control Placement
Track your position on the map and be sure you have the controls in the right places when you put them out.
Training – Set your own course – The App will alert you when you get to the control site – without there needing to be a physical control at the site. Run the same course multiple times and compare route choices.
GPS Orienteering Events – Participate in events using GPS rather than Flags and SI units to mark locations and record splits.
Permanent Courses – Download a permanent course and run it with the App to record your splits - Be the best!
Spectators/Parents – Track your runner/child in real-time with the tracking option (future release).